Monday, March 15, 2010

people who had never been born in the world

1. santa clause
Most parents are religious Christians tell their children on Christmas Eve that Santa Claus will come and give gifts when they are asleep, this culture applies to most Westerners.
santa clause:
Barbie has evolved into a beautiful woman, an inspiration to most women or girls in the world.
3.robin hood
robin hood:
This man has been debated a lot of people in the UK and even the world will exist, but I think he does not exist, the c theft is justified, simply because it returns more loot to the poor? still be wrong. but I think he is still just a fictional story.
A manly man with a gun and his horse that protect women and children in order to combat the evil bandit and Indian, that's a story about cowboys. in fact, is a guy Cowboy Cattle ranchers or farmers, and he never fought.
5.marlboro man
Does he really exist? life as in cigarette ads?, it's just an ad and his life never existed.
marlboro man:
6.unyil and friends
Hom-pim-pah alaiyum gambreng! "Saia remember that movie every day of the week Unyil 80s, when it saia believe existed, but now it's only human character who made ​​dolls. BTW The Unyil has become one integral part of popular culture in Indonesia.
7.malin kundang
Is the Sumatran folklore, having been betrayed to his mother until he was cursed to stone, in Sumatra there emang stone exists today. Does he really exist? I think baseball there, it's just a human-like rock that dijadiin prostrate stories.
malin kundang:
8.gatot kaca
gatot kaca:
Is the son of Bima and Arimbi (Hidimbi) in the story or puppet in the Sanskrit Mahabharata, he is superhuman, steel-skinned, boned and deep iron wire
fighting his people from evil Kauravas, He was killed by the Duke of Karna in the Kurukshetra war. Does he really exist? until the people there set up a temple in india
Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


Is a guy in a Sundanese folk legends, the story was first made since the 15th century in a manuscript "Bujangga Bead" or prince is famous for ferns. Tells the story of a young man who falls in love with her ​​own mother that is Nyi Sumbi ladies, who then because of the conditions to make a ship / boat in one night is not accomplished then ditendanglah ship upside down, and until now the boat is a mountain "Tangkuban parahu". Is this really the story of "cenah" really happened thousands of years ago? Malin Kundang same kek. Manuscript / her own records now at the University of Oxford England, LHA?
10.romeo juliet
Is a true love story, written by William Shakespeare. Which inspired many true lovers in the west or in Indonesia to be faithful to their partners until the end of life pick up, also known as Romi and Yuli story.

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