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digital kamera review

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Canon has announced the EOS-1D Mark IV camera is oriented to the professional photographer.
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV is equipped with 16.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and two high-performance DIGIC 4 image processing engine. Camera technology is based on top-notch 45-point autofocus, ISO light sensitivity reached 102 400 allows the camera to take high quality images in poor lighting conditions.
Another important feature, making this camera a perfect choice for professionals, is the ability to record Full HD resolution at 30 fps 1920х1080. Recording in 720-pixel mode (with a resolution 1280х720) recording speed can be increased up to 60 fps. The camera provides continuous shooting mode at 10 fps.
The new camera featuring a 3-inch Clear View II display and supports Live View function. exposures ranged from 1 / 8000-30 second, the data can be stored in CompactFlash and Secure Digital flash memory cards, camera features HDMI and USB 2.0.
156х157х80mm camera to measure the size, and weighs about 1.2kg (without battery and accessories).
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV will be shipped to stores in late December and will be sold at around $ 5,000.

Scuba Series HD320: underwater mask with a built-in camcorder
Scuba HD320
Liquid Image company has developed an extraordinary mask, equipped with cameras capable of capturing HD-quality video.

HD320 Series Scuba device also features 1/2.5-inch, 5-megapixel CMOS sensor, 2.8mm lens, 64 MB of built-in memory and SD / SDHC slot for cards with capacities up to 32 Gb. This mask also has a built-in microphone and a small LCD to reflect the working mode of the camcorder, battery capacity and the current time.

HD320 camcorder allows for shooting 2560х1920 mask-image and video recording resolutions 1280х720 at a speed of 30 fps. All videos will be stored in the H.264 format.

The minimum focal length of camcorder makes up to 0.5 meters, the shutter speed to react with 1 / 4 to 1 / 1000 sec. White color balance and light sensitivity (in the range of 100-200 ISO) can be configured automatically.

The camcorder is supported by for ААА-type battery. Battery capacity is enough for the 2000 shooting pictures or 2 hours of video footage. The size of 8.9х18.7х13.3cm device, weighing around 360g.

HD320 Series camcorder scuba masks are sold in stores at $ 250.

12,2-megapiksel kamera tahan air G3WP diperkenalkan oleh General Imaging
Waterproof G3WP Camera

General Imaging has announced the launch of the first camera G3WP digital compact with a case that is waterproof and very durable allowing the camera to shoot pictures safely at depths up to 3 meters.

The camera features a 12.2-megapixel sensor with ISO sensitivity up to 3200 units. The lens provides a 4x optical zoom (4.5x digital zoom), and a built-in image stabilization function. The camera also comes with 234 000 resolution 2.7-inch LCD screen and 116MB built-in memory. The camera supports SDHC cards up to 8 GB of storage space.

G3WP camera is equipped with PictBridge technology, enables to print pictures directly from camera without using a computer. Other camera functions have include: face, smile, blink recognition, red eye reduction.

The device is powered by a 700 mAh battery. The size of the model is 9.39 x 6.09 x 2.28cm and weighs approximately 120g number.

G3WP General Imaging cameras are expected to arrive in the middle of the red moon, the case of blue and gray. its estimated price will be up to $ 200.

Nikon D3S

Nikon D3S
Because of this ability is highly sensitive new sensor CMOS (FX format, with 12.1 megapixel resolution), and high-resolution video capture function, introduced in Nikon cameras for the first time, D3S model has become increasingly attractive to professional photographers.

ISO rating of a given CMOS sensor-range 200-12800 ISO units (can be adjusted to 100-102400 units with the help of Lo-1 and Hi-3 settings). If the user has a stereo microphone, the D-movie function lets the camera capture HD video with stereo sound. The camera is equipped with HDMI out for connection to HD video systems.

This feature, Nikon D3S distinguish from other similar cameras, except for video mode, is the extended ability to shoot with bad lighting. In addition, a good camera to take pictures of fast moving objects as 51-point auto focus system (from 9.21 to 51 point auto-focus mode).

The new camera features an image sensor cleaning function and possible modes of three plants (05:04, 1.2x and DX). Maximum speed shooting making up to 9 fps (up to 11fps in DX mode), special function allows the camera to save the selected frames.

Nikon D3S is equipped with a wide-angle 3 "LCD screen with a resolution of 920.000 pixels.

The camera is equipped with a built-in image processing systems, 14-bit A / D conversion and a pipeline 16-bit image-processing allows to apply various color effects to pictures. This model is able to process RAW images, and retouch menu allows the compression of images into JPEG format, adjust image size, white balance, exposure and the amount of noise and work in the Control mode Fig.

Canon PowerShot SD980 IS
What's amazing in a particular camera is the abundance of various features. One is the touch panel interface introduced on the Canon camera for the first time. This model has a bright and clear LCD touch-screen 3-inch, 12.1-megapixel sensor and 5x optical zoom length with stabilization for blur reduction, together with high-definition video capture function.

HD movie mode allows the camera feature to record HD movies with a resolution of 720p. HDMI port allows to connect the camera to a HD screen.

Smart Auto function customizing the shootings in accordance with the standard 22 situation from the camera database. Scene Detection Technology helps to recognize faces, colors, spacing and movement, Face Detection and tools make it easier to adjust the color of the faces in the display with elaborate lighting. Other options for image optimization portrait is a manual auto focus - to set the focus all the user needs to do is just press his finger on the touch screen.

Without too many technical details, we must say that the Canon PowerShot SD980 IS works well with shooting moving objects, capturing the landscape and night shooting. Thanks to various modes of the camera is perfect for shooting fireworks, snow, beaches and sunsets, pets and children, taking pictures indoors. Its sophisticated makes it possible to process the image right in camera - color swapping, retaining one of the colors in the picture, the building is now possible panoramic image in just a few clicks.

Camera solutions come in four different colors that will reflect the style of its owner: Silver, Blue, Purple, and Gold.

Finepix 3d Real W1
Fujifilm has recently unveiled the FinePix Real 3D breakthrough W1 camera. The most noticeable feature has a camera, of course, his ability to shoot 3D images. Needless to say that it is good for 2D image capture as well. The camera features a 3x optical zoom and Dual Capture mode allows the user to take two pictures at once. It is based on Real 3D system, which uses two CCD sensors to shoot two images at once, and then compile them into a single stereo image with the help of the camera's built-in image processor. As well as many other modern generation of digital cameras, FujiFilm FinePix Real 3D W1 capable of recording high definition video 3D. The camera is equipped with a 3D LCD display, which allows viewing images without having to wear special stereo glasses. The V1 Real 3D image viewer, it is equipped with 8-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 800 × 600. Display supports the playback of 3D images and videos, as well as traditional 2D images and movies. viewer supports SD / SDHC memory card. In addition, Fujifilm has announced about its services in-house that will print a 3D image based on images received by mail and send it to the user's camera.

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